While only a small island, Taiwan is known for its High Mountain Oolongs and specialty tea districts.  With some of the most flavorful and aromatic teas in the world, Taiwan boasts a number of tea regions that offer distinct high mountain oolongs.  Our Mountain Trek Tea Sampler journeys through Taiwan gives a wonderful sampling of six different regions of Taiwan and offers a well-rounded taste of what these regions have to offer.

Mountain Trek (Regions of Taiwan)

  • 1. Ali Shan Cha 阿里山茶 (Taiwan)

    2. Shan Lin Xi Cha  杉林溪茶 (Taiwan)

    3. Jin Xuan Cha 金萱茶 (Taiwan)

    4. Wenshan Bao Zhong Cha 文山包種茶 (Taiwan)

    5. Li Shan Cha 梨山茶 1800m (Taiwan)

    6. Da Yu Ling 大禹嶺 2300m (Taiwan)

  • Brewing varies for each tea. Check the individual tea pages for brewing ideas.