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Welcome. We are Insight Tea Arts.

Our team at Insight Tea Arts aims to build community and spread tea culture with every cup by sharing knowledge and stories.

We collectively specialize in both traditional gongfu style of tea and traditional and modern blending of herbal infusions. By using these methods we aim to bring people together.

We welcome friends, families, and communities to join us around a pot of tea, as we create together, an inclusive space where the stress of the outside world dissolves into the cup.

Tea reminds us to focus on the present moment.


Meet the Team

Dr. Sean Bradley



Dr. Bradley is an avid tea drinker, experiencing tea culture worldwide. He is a Doctor of Philosophy in Asian Languages and Literature and frequently travels to Asia where he enjoys tea. He is an expert in blending herbal medicines and infusions as a Licensed Naturopathic Physician and an East Asian Medicine Practitioner. 

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Dr. Yipei Lin



Dr. Lin grew up in Taiwan where tea and family life go hand-in-hand. She is an expert in Taiwanese teas, specifically high mountain oolongs and Taiwan reds.  She is also an expert in herbal medicine as a Licensed Naturopathic Physician and an East Asian Medicine Practitioner.

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