Insight Tea Arts is a collaboration between a group of experts dedicated to sharing their joy of tea as a means to build community and spread tea culture.

We collectively specialize in both Gong Fu tea  and Western style brewing. Each member's background is varied, across the wide range of teas, through many types of clay, and each passion informs the other.

Tea brings people together. Friends, families, and communities form around the tea board, creating an inclusive and deeply personal space where the stress of the outside world dissolves into the cup.

Tea reminds us to focus on the present moment.

Dr. Sean T. Bradley



Dr. Bradley is an avid tea drinker, experiencing tea culture worldwide. He frequently travels to China where he enjoys tea while pursuing a PhD in Chinese Literature. He is an expert in blending herbal medicines and infusions as a Licensed Naturopathic Physician and an East Asian Medicine Practitioner. 

Dr. Yipei Lin



Dr. Lin grew up in Taiwan where tea and family life go hand-in-hand. She is an expert in Taiwanese teas, specifically high mountain oolongs and Taiwan reds.  She is also an expert in herbal medicine as a Licensed Naturopathic Physician and an East Asian Medicine Practitioner.

Meet the Team

Chris Evans


Chris is the intrepid international traveller, enjoying tea or coffee brews with people and cultures far and wide. Chris currently resides in Australia, exploring indigenous and Australian native ingredients. 


Phone: 206-960-9117

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