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Our High Mountain Adventure Tea Sampler gives a taste of three of the most fundamental ways to process and drink Taiwanese High Mountain Oolongs: Fresh, Roasted, or Aged.  By comparing these three methods your palate goes on an adventure in flavor, all from one plant in the same region between 1200m and 1800m at He Huan Shan 合歡山 in Nan Tou 南投, Taiwan.

High Mountain Adventure

  • 1. Gao Shan Cha 高山茶 - Fresh (Taiwan)
    2. Gao Shan Cha 高山茶 - Roasted (Taiwan)
    3. Gao Shan Cha 高山茶 - Aged (Taiwan)

  • Brewing varies for each tea. Check the individual tea pages for brewing ideas.

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