Take a complete tour of the East Asia tea world with our Grand Tour Tea Sampler. From fresh picked white and green teas, high mountain oolongs, warming red teas, and fermented pu'ers, this sampler covers a vast range of the major teas found across East Asia. Take the tour and experience the amazing range of tea, all from the same plant species, Camilia sinensis.

Grand Tour

  • 1. White - Baihao Yinzhen 白毫銀針 (China)

    2. Green - Kukicha 茎茶 (Japan)

    3. Light Oolong - Ali Shan Cha 阿里山茶 (Taiwan)

    4. Dark Oolong -  Dong Fang Mei Ren 東方美人 (Taiwan)

    5. Hong - Mi Xiang Hong Cha 蜜香紅茶 (Taiwan)

    6. Sheng - Zhen Cang Sheng Pu'er 珍藏生普洱 (China)

    7. Shou - Chen Xiang Shou Pu'er 陳香熟普洱 (China)

    8. Scented - Dragon Jasmine Pearls 龍珠茉莉花茶 (China)

  • Brewing varies for each tea. Check the individual tea pages for brewing ideas.