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This collection will run you through our flagship teas.


White Chen Nian Bai Cha 陳年白茶 (China)
Green Fukamushicha Yabukita 深蒸し茶 やぶきた一番茶 (Japan)
Light Oolong Ali Shan Cha 阿里山茶 (Taiwan)
Dark Oolong Dong Fang Mei Ren 東方美人 (Taiwan)
Hong Mi Xiang Hong Cha 蜜香紅茶 (Taiwan)
Sheng Zhen Cang Sheng Pu'er 珍藏生普洱 (China)
Shou Chen Xiang Shou Pu'er 陳香熟普洱 (China)
Scented Dragon Jasmine Pearls 龍珠茉莉花茶 (China)



We recommend our standard 15:1 water-to-tea ratio. Brew the Jasmine Pearls and the Fukumushicha at no more than 170 degrees, an the other teas at a full boil.



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